Ayurvedic Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease


It’s hard to tell when your life will take a drastic turn and suddenly change everything for you one day. The worst part is, you never would have seen it coming. Medical problems lie in this category of unforeseeable issues. One would think, “So I’ve been eating healthy, I exercise regularly, I don’t smoke or drink… That should be sufficient for a comfortable, healthy life.” Unfortunately, one can never tell when a medical condition will spring up, and that’s when you realize that you never even saw it coming. Nervous disorders are part of the same list, and one such nervous disorder in particular is Parkinson’s disease. We’ll get ourselves acquainted with Parkinson’s disease some more before moving on to possible treatment such as Ayurvedic treatment, which could possibly help stay away from this disease.

What is Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease, which is a progressive neurological disorder, is said to affect one in every 500 people. This condition normally occurs when a person has an inadequate amount of dopamine producing brain-cells. This disease acquires its name from Dr. James Parkinson, who first identified this neurological condition as “the shaking palsy”, way back in 1817. It is after his identification of this disorder that the disease assumed his name, and came to be known as Parkinson’s disease. When a person is affected by Parkinson’s disease, 80% or more of those dopamine producing cells are either dead, damaged, or degenerated, thus, bringing about instability, and a lack of control in their movement. There are 4 basal symptoms, and 5 stages of Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms of this disease are:

Trembling in hands, arms, legs, face, and jaw (tremor)
Stiffness or rigidity of limbs and trunk
Slowness of movement (Bradykinesia)
Impaired balance and coordination (Postural instability)

Other symptoms also include depression, hallucinations, and dementia. These symptoms are gradual, and often occur in such a subtle fashion which is hard to detect.

Even though there is no cure for the disease at the moment, there are certain steps that could be followed, as an attempt to keep this condition at bay. Ayurvedic treatment is one such method. There may be a few people who aren’t entirely aware of what Ayurveda is all about, so we’ll take a brief look at it, before moving on to other things.

Ayurveda: An Overview

Ayurveda, which comes from the Sanskrit word ayus (life) and ved (knowledge) could be rounded up with the definition “the complete knowledge for long life”. A system of medicine and healing, Ayurveda, is believed to be the oldest system in the world and it finds its origin in India from nearly 5000 years ago. The study of Ayurveda is extensive, and just a basic overview is not nearly enough to explain it all, but what can be gathered from just the basics mention until now is that this system of medicine is a reliable one, as it is derived from ancient texts written by learned people who validated everything by observation and direct examination. What’s more is, this form of medicine uses only natural methods of treatment such as plants and herbs, which makes it safe. Also, Ayurveda offers a solution for most ailments, and maybe with time it will offer a permanent cure for Parkinson’s too, but until then, preventive measures are always available.

We will get on with the information regarding treatment in a while from now, but before that I would like to reiterate on the point that there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, only because I’d much rather you take care of your health so well that you wouldn’t ever be faced with either, symptom, or disease. While a disciplined life is most certainly one of the ways to play safe, certain forms of medication are equally effective. Ayurvedic treatment is one such form, so continue reading in order to know and understand more on this treatment.

Ayurvedic Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Talks about Parkinson’s disease cures and treatments have always been heard of, but nobody knows where it’s headed. This is where Ayurveda comes into play. In this school of medicine, Parkinson’s is referred to as ‘Kampavata’ (Kampa means trembling or shaking). Ayurvedic treatment for PD is mainly about treating the ‘vata’, which is one of the three bio-humors our body is made up of. Since this form of medicine is all about using supplies from natures bounty, the chances of suffering from any kind of side effects are also lower. The Mucuna Pruriens plant, also known as Atmagupta Kapikacchu is largely used in the treatment of Parkinson’s. These plants contain L-dopa, which is a harbinger of the neurotransmitter dopamine, the absence of which is the primary cause leading to Parkinson’s disease. Besides this, there are other plants like Sida Cordifolia, and Ashwagandha, which contribute towards the Ayurvedic treatment of Parkinson’s disease too. In cases of depression, which are common at a time like this, Brahmi (Hydrocotyle Asiatica) and Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi) are also given. The other option that goes beyond the consumption of any kind of medication is doing yoga and meditation. There are several asanas that could help in this regard, but no matter what, none of these must be indulged in without consulting a doctor or expert first.

Ayurvedic treatment has always been known as effective, all it needs is a disciplined lifestyle. If you are one of those people who knows they are capable of such discipline, you can rest assured that you will never have a worry about a thing.


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