Bitter Melon Tea


Momordica Charantia is known as bitter melon in English. It is a climbing vine which bears green fruits. It is sometimes also referred to as ‘bitter gourd’. It is a common food item in Asia, Middle East, and South America. Its leaves as well as the fruit are used to make tea. This drink has a whole lot of health benefits.

If using the leaves, you will have to dry them thoroughly over a course of several days to a week. When the leaves have dried, pack them in an airtight container. The fruit can either be added fresh after washing thoroughly or can be dehydrated before use. The recipe goes like this:

  • Wash and chop the leaves to get about 6 tablespoons
  • Add the chopped leaves to 2 glasses of water.
  • Boil the tea for about 15 minutes, without covering the top of the pot.
  • Let it cool down and strain the leaves.
  • You can divide the entire quantity into 3 parts and drink it thrice a day.


  • Asians have used this tea as a treatment for diabetes for a very long time. According to latest research, its consumption increases insulin sensitivity.
  • It stimulates digestion. Hence, people who are affected by sluggish digestion, dyspepsia, and constipation are recommended to consume it. However, it can worsen heartburn and ulcer problems.
  • Bitter melon has been used to prevent and treat malaria since olden times. Research supports this fact as anti-malarial properties have been found in these fruits.
  • Research also suggests that, the compounds found in them may be helpful in treating HIV/AIDS.
  • It is said to improve cell function in people affected by cancer, but this needs to be verified, yet.
  • The compounds present are useful in regulating metabolism and enabling glucose uptake.
  • The fruits and leaves are said to be a good source of nutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin B.
  • According to some research, the leaf extract is also known to shrink hemorrhoids.
  • The leaves can be used to prevent and lessen cough and fever. The leaves can be used for treating roundworm too.
  • It can be useful in treating sterility in women as well as alleviate liver problems.
  • It can help treat infected wound, as it has anti-microbial properties.

Although there are numerous benefits of this bitter-tasting tea, research is being carried out on the same to verify the claims. At the same time, not much has been found out regarding its side effects.

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