Diet Teas That Work


Herbal teas are widely available in the market in a number of flavors and strengths. Some of them are very effective in curing a wide variety of human ailments. They are usually prescribed by herbalists. Nowadays, some of them claim to help you shed off extra pounds. They are popularly known as diet teas. They have generated a cult among the fitness freaks and aspirants of rapid weight loss. But the question is, do they work or not? This is a hot topic of discussion in the scientific community. Numerous assumptions have been made to prove that they do work, although they do not have scientific support. The general assumption given by many scientists and medical practitioners to describe the working strategy of diet teas that worked and actually helped the consumer to lose weight is briefly described in this article.


As already mentioned, there are many beliefs and theories to explain the working strategy of diet teas to assist weight loss. It basically has two types – the stimulants and the laxatives. The stimulant type contains herbs, like kola nut, ma huang, guarana, or ephedra. All these herbs are believed to increase the rate of your heartbeat, metabolism, and apparently reduce appetite. As the metabolic rate of your body increases, your heart pumps blood faster. This leads to increase in the consumption of calories. Thus, you lose fat. Since the ingredient herbs act as appetite suppressants, you tend to take fewer calories as well as have them consumed faster. Some negative effects may occur due to over consumption of the stimulant type. Some examples are insomnia, headaches, nervousness, and anxiety.

The laxative type contains herbs, like cascara, aloe, locus plant, buckthorn, or senna. These herbs are known to promote the function of excretory system of your body. They increase the frequency of bowel movements and urination. Since the ingredients of this type of tea lead to dehydration, you lose weight. However, weight loss in this manner is only temporary, as you gain weight drinking water. Moreover, losing weight by losing water is not considered safe. Therefore, this type is not safe for long term consumption, as they cause addiction. There are some other side effects as well. The list includes abdominal cramping, breaking down of the intestinal muscles, fainting, difficulty in breathing, fluctuation in body temperature, and even death.

As there are no scientifically proven diet teas that work, you should be careful while deciding to use them. If you want to give it a shot, you must purchase one after confirming the safety of the ingredients. It will be good if you take a doctor’s agreement with your tea. It is advisable to go for a stimulant type, and have it in recommended amounts only. Be careful with the consumption of any kind of diet tea. Monitor your condition well throughout the period of consumption. If you notice any of the mentioned side effects, visit your doctor as soon as possible and seek proper medical attention. And, if you are desperate to lose weight, choose to follow safer options like diet control and exercise. These two are the safe and sure ways of losing weight. Think wisely, and take a proper decision about your health.

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