Rubbing Alcohol Uses


Rubbing alcohol is primarily used for house cleaning, and is a mixture consisting of 70% isopropyl or absolute alcohol. It is meant only for topical application and has more uses than you can imagine. This transparent liquid, is highly flammable and volatile in nature. Hence, it should be store in cool areas and out of children’s reach. Let’s see, in what are the various rubbing alcohol uses.
Cleaning Agent
Household uses for rubbing alcohol include cleaning mirrors and windows. Often glasses get stained, due to oil, dirt, dust, sprays and some sticky residue. A quick wipe with this liquid will clean out the glass surface turning it from grime to shine in no time! The grime on your phone, keyboard, and all those difficult crevices can also be cleaned with this chemical.
Isopropyl is commonly used in hospitals. Doctors often use it to cleanse hands, and it is also used to disinfect instruments before using them again. Many times, a small amount of rubbing alcohol is used to disinfect wounds, before piercing with a hypodermic needle. This alcohol is basically antifungal in nature and fairly kills bacteria too. Hence, it is widely used in dressing wounds and infected cuts.
Permanent Marks
Lipstick stains, permanent markers, and oil paints leave rigid marks at unwanted places. Wondering how to get rid of those? You can lose those marks by scrubbing them with this alcohol. However, make sure you use this chemical on non-permeable material, as the moment you pour some (a few drops) on the mark, the ink will get dissolved. This will make your task of getting rid of the marks easy. This alcohol also removes the normal ink stains from garments.
Fruit Flies
It’s a disgusting sight to see a black cover of fruit flies on the fruits. They make the kitchen unhygienic and spoil the sight completely! One of the ways of getting rid of fruit flies is by making a spray out of this alcohol and spraying some of it in the air. This will knock the flies out, but make sure you’ve removed the fruits, before you begin spraying. Clean the floor by sweeping it and wiping it with a normal cleaner.
Shining Fixtures
Bathroom fixtures, due to moistness, get grimy and are likely to grow black mold. To restore their shine, spray it on the fixtures, and in every corner and crevice of your bathroom. Wash it off with normal water, to discover your bathroom as a brand new one!
Muscle Relaxant
This one is meant for athletes and fitness freaks. Massaging with this alcohol, makes the skin feel very cool and soothes the body surface. However, it quickly generates heat too, which is effective in relaxing the tensed muscles.
Melting Frost
It’s irritating to be out in the cold, scrapping the frost off your windshield. Let go of your irritations, because here is a solution. Spray some of this liquid on the windshield. Put on your wipers and you will notice the frost clearing up.
This alcohol can be used for cleaning cell phones, computer mouse, screen, CDs, DVDs, removing price stickers, and removing dog’s ticks. Remember that rubbing alcohol is meant only for topical application and not for consumption is any way.

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