Turmeric for Acne


Turmeric is a perennial herb which has short and thick stem. Its multiple branches give out a fabulous aromatic smell. Its stems develop underground, and are thus called rhizomes. The scientific and colloquial name of turmeric are Curcuma longa and haldi respectively. It finds its usage in cuisines as well as several home remedies. The herb is particularly popular in the Indian subcontinent, where it is a must in any kitchen.
Is Turmeric Good for Acne?
Sometimes, the pores on your skin gets filled with dead cells, natural oil, and dirt. This deposition is prone to bacterial infection. The infection leads to inflammation, swelling, and development of pus in the skin pores. Such a deposition in skin pores is called acne.
You can get rid of acne by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, reducing the inflammation, and removing the deposition from the skin pore as a whole. All these are possible when you apply something that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and soothing properties. Turmeric is one such substance which has all the above mentioned properties. Therefore, there’s no doubt that it is good for acne. To add to this, turmeric, being a herb, would not cause any kind of side effect to you, if you use it properly and are not allergic to it naturally.
Usage for Acne
In addition to the above mentioned properties, turmeric is believed to have analgesic, antitumor, antioxidant, anti allergic, antispasmodic, astringent, appetizing, carminative, diuretic, and digestive properties. Therefore, when you use it on a regular basis, you derive a lot of health benefits, including acne treatment and control. You can take it both internally and externally to get good results. There are several ways in which you can use turmeric, some of which have been described below.
Method 1
Take a glass of warm milk, and mix a teaspoon of turmeric into it. Stir well so that the color of the milk turns yellow. Drink it once a day, preferably before bedtime. This will boost the immune system of your body. As a result, your body will be better able to fight bacterial infection, and hence cure acne fast.
Method 2
Use turmeric as an ingredient in various recipes whenever possible. It is widely used in the cuisines of Southeast Asian countries. So, try out some of Indian and Sri Lankan recipes to increase the amount of turmeric in your diet. This will benefit you. In fact, it will greatly reduce the chances of acne development.
Method 3
You can apply turmeric directly on the acne and the skin surrounding it, to treat it fast. This will also reduce the possibility of acne scars. Even if the scar forms, at least it would be of a comparatively lighter color. Take one or two teaspoons of fresh milk, and one tablespoon of turmeric powder. Mix both the ingredients well. The purpose is to give the mixture the consistency of paste. Apply it evenly on your face, covering the acne. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and then wash the mask off well with lots of plain water. You can apply an oil-free moisturizer afterward. Do it once a day to get rid of acne fast. It is believed to lighten the skin as well. Therefore, by using this face pack, you should expect to enjoy a lighter skin tone over time.
Method 4

You can even make a scrub for the acne scars. Take 2 – 3 teaspoons of turmeric powder, 1 – 2 drops of lemon juice, and mix it with one or two drops of mustard oil. You can replace the mustard oil with olive, coconut, or jojoba oil to get similar results. Mix the ingredients well to make a paste. Spread it evenly on the face.

Make sure that you cover the acne. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Sprinkle a little amount of water on your face. Scrub your face gently with fingers, moving in a circular motion. You will be able to shed off the layer of turmeric, and oil paste in a couple of minutes. Wash your face well with plenty of water. Do it once in two days. It will help in removing the scars to a great extent.

External application has a staining effect on your skin. Your face may appear a bit pale even after washing it off with water. Therefore, you should use a mild face wash, which suits your skin, while washing the face mask away. A natural remedy for the staining is to rub a slice of lemon on your face in gentle circular motions. Wash your face with plenty of water later on. Do try some of the suggested methods of turmeric usage at home. You will notice the difference in yourself in just a couple of weeks.

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